Come meet the experts in analytics and AI, chat with industry leaders, and get a close look at the latest and future innovations at the OpenText Analytics Summit.

Formerly the Vertica Unify Conference, this year’s summit will showcase Vertica’s customer-driven releases as told by the engineers who build and maintain the market-leading analytical database.

You’ll also hear from the data-driven organizations who rely on its speed and scale to derive strategic insight. 

This year’s summit brings you even more from the OpenText AI & Analytics expanded portfolio. In addition to exploring Vertica’s latest features and machine learning capabilities, you’ll learn more about IDOL for deriving meaning from volumes of unstructured data, and Magellan for BI data visualization, text mining, and much more. 

This event offers two tracks of breakout sessions – a total of 10 sessions – designed to shift your data, analytics, and AI know-how into high gear.

Learn more about:


The market-leading analytical database, which delivers the best value for the highest analytical performance on PBs of structured data, so that you can run any data analytics at any scale, from anywhere (on-cloud, off-cloud, or hybrid) and fulfill the promise of the data lakehouse to bring the analytics to the data, wherever it resides. Vertica delivers insights when they matter most.


The unstructured data analytics leader enabling organizations to extract maximum value and actionable insights from text, audio, video, and image data by leveraging AI, ML, NLU, and NLP. With the latest deep neural networks IDOL leads Safe City, Surveillance Analytics, Law Enforcement Media Analysis, Open-Source Intelligence, Brand Reputation Monitoring, Facial Recognition, and Dark Data Insight solutions.


The flexible AI and analytics platform that combines machine learning with data discovery, analysis, and self-service reporting to maximize the value of business intelligence in unstructured content. Learn how to improve decision making with embedded self-service reports and dashboards.