Full Name
Joe Gonzalez
Job Title
Vertica Data Warehouse Administrator
Speaker Bio
Joe Gonzalez is an ASE Certified Vertica DBA with MassMutual. He has been managing Vertica data warehouses for 8 years, mostly in the market research industry. He joined MassMutual in January 2019, solidifying the company’s commitment to Vertica as its long-term enterprise data warehouse solution. He managed its transition to Vertica in Eon Mode, played a major role in the company’s decision to bring in Voltage as part of its data encryption platform, and is working with multiple teams across the organization to streamline and optimize their Vertica processes. He has trained more than 200 users in Vertica projection design and best practices, and is currently working with his amazing team on the transition of multiple applications and their related data from a second data warehouse solution to Vertica. His current goal is to see a big increase in the number of teams using Vertica’s in-database machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.
Joe Gonzalez