Join us on November 19, 2021, at the Del Mar and get 30 days of Vertica Accelerator for free!

You’re already in the race. So are you interested in a faster, more insightful analytical platform at a fraction of the cost of Snowflake? Join us at the classic Del Mar track and learn how Vertica crosses the finish line with the following benefits:

  • Performance – Faster ingest and query performance on a fraction of the nodes (At a fintech company recently, Vertica bested Snowflake on performance.  Snowflake needed 128 nodes, we only needed 6!)

  • Cost – You negotiate your own cloud contracts and eliminate the middleman – Vertica Accelerator runs in your own VPC on AWS!

  • Uptime – You control your environment if there are any systems issues

  • Security – By running in your own environment, metadata doesn’t end up in a multi-tenant cloud services layer

  • Insights – Over 700 in-database analytics functions with AutoML and Auto-Clustering capabilities

  • Data movement – You run in your own VPC, so you don’t have to move your data

  • Automation – We give you the same autoscaling and autoscheduling capabilities that more expensive platforms offer.

Vertica is the powerful Thoroughbred in analytic performance. It gives you the freedom to explore your data, not only in the clouds but also on-premises, on the edge, from your data lake – to capture ALL of your data and analytical needs at fraction of the cost of Snowflake. Let us know how we might engage.

See you at the track!

The Turf Club

Turf Club table requests are assigned on a daily basis by membership seniority. The 4 top tables on level 4 feature sweeping views of the track and exclusive dining and wagering service.

Dress up and enjoy a day at the races in style in Del Mar’s exclusive Turf Club.

Enjoy VIP treatment, first-class dining, and unrivaled views of the racecourse – at The Turf Club.


  • November 19, 2021 at the Turf Club
  • Gates open at 11:00 am join us anytime between 11:00 am and 6:00 pm
  • The Del Mar Turf Club will require daily adherence to the Dress Policy details here