For existing Vertica Customers

Let us show you the benefits of migrating to Eon mode.  In this workshop, we’ll cover Eon mode architecture, upgrade pathway, sizing your upgraded cluster, migrating from EE to Eon mode, scaling to meet workload requirements, operational considerations, and roadmap for Eon mode in v11 and beyond.  Follow along in your own cloud vendor of choice and have your questions answered by a product expert in real time.

Workshop Overview

Time: 12:30-2:30 PM EST Daily

Tuesday, May 25th: The ABC's of Eon

  • - Overview of EON Benefits and Architecture 
  • - Eon mode operations: initial sizing, workload scaling, backup/restore 
  • - Overview of how to migrate from Enterprise Mode to EON mode

Wednesday, May 26th: Eon Mode in Action

  • - Demo of Enterprise to EON migration 
  • - Demo of creating Sub Clusters, Scaling up/down nodes in Sub Clusters
  • - Q&A


Bryan Herger

Solutions Architect