You’re invited to join our Deep Dive into Eon Mode, which will focus on a new feature or core enhancement of the newest release of our unified analytics warehouse.

In this workshop, you will experience a deep dive of Vertica in Eon Mode as well as best practices to move your variable analytical workloads to the AWS or Google clouds or on-premises with the trusted cloud-optimized architecture of Vertica in Eon Mode for Pure Storage, MinIO, or Hadoop communal storage.

Presented by: Curtis Bennett, Vertica Solutions Architect


Date: May 12, 2021

Time:  12:00-2:00 PM EST

  • Introductions
  • Deep Dive, Architecture
  • A Deep Dive into Vertica in Eon Mode
  • Survey & Wrap-Up

Attendee uses cases reviewed through the Eon Mode benefits lens

        • Scaling requirements
        • Isolation requirements
        • Fail-over and Node Recovery requirements
        • Hibernation requirements
        • Migration options