C Spire’s Journey of Data Democratization with Vertica

Like many organizations, when IBM announced the end-of-life of its Netezza appliance, C Spire needed to seek alternatives that would better prepare them for increased data growth and more user demand for analytical insight from more departments. C Spire, a leading telecommunications and technology company, ultimately chose Vertica due to dramatically faster query performance and ease of use over other analytical databases. But, that’s just where the journey began. Join this session to learn how C Spire has tapped into the full extensibility of Vertica to simplify ETL workflows with Python to improve data loading with Kafka to run cloud-optimized analytics on Pure Storage Flashblade within their enterprise data center. You’ll learn how Vertica’s extensibility enables the C Spire Data Team to hire resources with Python skills first and DBA skills second, while arming every part of the business – from marketing to accounting to finance and more – with self-service analytics, all based on SQL.