MassMutual – Unleashing the Power of Vertica Analytics, While Preserving Responsibility with Data Encryption

After a full migration from Teradata, soon more than 90% of MassMutual’s data will be stored, managed, and analyzed with Vertica in Eon Mode on AWS. As the old adage goes, with great power comes great responsibility. For the data architecture and engineering team, that means tapping the power of Vertica to serve the needs of the company’s data analysts, data scientists, and other data consumers leading a range of critical analytical initiatives. And, with more users requesting more access to more data and analysis, the team must further scrutinize what data needs to be encrypted, for how long, and for which users. Learn how MassMutual supports more users across the organization to meet their analytical needs with an intelligent approach to data encryption as well as what’s on the horizon with in-database machine learning.