Calling all Vertica users past and present!

Whether you are a Vertica freshman or a seasoned alumni, the new Vertica might surprise you in a number of ways. We have so many great things to show you and this is your invitation to the Vertica reunion!  

Have you looked at Vertica lately?  Vertica is getting high grades from the business analyst community, as well as our customers based on recent comments you can find at G2. We’re beating all our old rivals in both price and performance. And if you want a fully managed version of the industry’s fastest data analytics platform, Vertica Accelerator keeps you fully in control of all your data as well as your AWS negotiated pricing. If you’ve been around the block seeking better, faster ways to handle data analytics, we invite you to turn the corner in our direction.  

Let's meet up at the reunion where you'll learn more about:

  • All the cool features in Vertica 11
  • Our brand new SaaS offering, called Vertica Accelerator
  • How Vertica provides built-in machine learning with more functions than any other platform
  • Our VerticaPy library for building sophisticated ML models

For our Vertica Alumni - we have something special planned for you!  During this event you will get a first look at the new Vertica User Group Community we are creating.  It will be a platform to you to share your success stories, engage with Vertica engineers and even raise your hand to lead a group in your area.   

After this event you will move to the head of the class!  Don't delay - register today.  See you at the reunion!