Event Summary

Accelerating Digitization in Lending Institutions through Advanced Analytics

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

11:00 AM (PKT)

60 minutes


What is it like to partner with Vertica along with Analytics to deploy business analytics that can transform the digital landscape? This webinar showcases three customers from different financial institutions as they describe their achievements and experiences as Vertica partners. Learn about the solutions used by these successful companies, and see how microfinance banks, commercial banks, insurance companies, and telecom operators can benefit by adopting similar business analytics solutions.


  • Introduction from Analytics by Qazafi Qayyum, CEO, Analytics
  • Omar Khalid, Chief Operating Officer, AISL (TASDEEQ) will tell us how credit processing was improved through innovative credit information, scoring and analytics across vast and diverse data.
  • Tahir Rizavi, Head of Advanced Analytics and Innovation, Faysal Bank will discuss how Faysal Bank deployed innovative solutions that allowed greater cross-sell/up-sell opportunities along with higher probability of closure.
  • Vertica Introduction by Zyran Mahad, Partner Business ManagerVertica
  • Q&A