Join us for the Vertica DataGals Panel

 Thursday, July 22nd 10:20 - 11:10 am EDT

Hear Keren Bartal, Director of Data Engineering at Taboola; Elina Tuominen, Service Manager at Elisa; Amy Fowler, VP Strategy & Solutions for the FlashBlade business at Pure Storage, and Theresa Melvin, Chief Data Scientist for Vertica Americas as they describe their unique journeys in the field of big data. 

Hosted by Vertica’s VP of Product & Go to Market Strategy Joy King, this panel celebrates the women in technology whose career paths have required exceptional talent and devotion. Please mark your calendars and feel free to ask live questions and share your thoughts!

Alexander KalininElina Tuominen, Service Manager

Elina has 25 years of experience in Data & Analytics field and has strong background in databases and migrations. She currently manages the Enterprise BI group in Data & Analytics in Elisa, enabling data and insights for business. Elina has capability to get things done with her brilliant team. Data platforms and performance are her passion.

Fun Fact: Elina can climb to Mount Everest, if she’s motivated enough and has extra oxygen. Her team will carry her to the top.
Keren BartalKeren Bartal, Director of Data Engineering

Keren is a data professional with over 15 years of experience developing data-driven solutions. She currently manages the Data Engineering group in Taboola, building and managing various data platforms at scale, and democratizing data.

Fun Fact: It turns out that Keren needs at least two good drinks to come up with a fun fact.
Theresa MelvinTheresa Melvin, Chief Data Scientist

Theresa leads Vertica's new Field CTO Lab, where she architects end-to-end Full Stack Data Science Pipelines capable of addressing hybrid-cloud AI workloads. These strategic AI solutions are predicated on an economical amalgamation of Vertica Eon, Open Source, and Cloud technologies, accommodating data modernization while shifting IT operational costs and performance for better agility and capital efficiency.

Fun Fact: Theresa simply loves to model!
Joy KingJoy King, VP Product & GTM Strategy

Joy is leads Vertica’s Product and GTM strategy including business strategy and execution, customer and partner education, product direction and go-to-market initiatives. Joy has spent three decades in the software industry and is a passionate believer in the power of predictive analytics and the need for every company to become an industry disruptor.

Fun Fact: Joy believes the best form of group therapy is to group Cabernet, Merlot, Sangiovese and Pinot Noir into every gathering.
Stashka LeperaAmy Fowler, VP Strategy & Solutions

Amy Fowler leads Strategy and Solutions for the FlashBlade business unit at Pure Storage. Pure delivers a Modern Data Experience for organizations undergoing Digital Transformation, and FlashBlade provides a unique high performance scale-out file and object storage foundation that is particularly relevant to data-intensive applications like Vertica. Amy is in her 7th year at Pure and prior to joining the company, Amy spent 14 years at EMC Corporation.

Fun Fact: 20 different jobs in high school and college led to 2 companies in the past 21 years, but Amy still feels like she’s doing 2 – 3 jobs at a time!