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The Developer Lounge is the place for Vertica users to come and meet the developers who develop the code. It’s not a traditional showcase demo area - it’s reserved for technical conversations with data engineers, data architects, data scientists, and DBAs.

Bring your tough technical questions, your enhancement requests, and your tricky project problems!

Vertica in Eon Mode, Hybrid Cloud Deployments, and Kubernetes
Alexander KalininAlexander Kalinin, Senior Software Engineer

Alex has been involved with Vertica in Eon Mode since its creation and has been doing a lot of work in different Vertica areas, Eon-specific and beyond. This includes networking, Spread, execution engine, catalog, subscriptions, locking, memory reporting, resource manager, and general core server areas.

Fun Fact: On the fundamental theorem of software engineering – Alex believes you can solve any problem by introducing an extra level of indirection.
Performance and Scale at the Core
Alexander KalininChuck Bear, CTO

Chuck is the longest-serving member of the Vertica Engineering team. He is particularly passionate about the performance of software and systems.

Fun Fact: Chuck’s ribs are arranged in columns, not rows.
Machine Learning, VerticaPy, Advanced Analytics, and Extensibility (SDK)
Alexander KalininArash Jalel Zadeh Fard, Senior Software Engineer

Arash joined Vertica in 2014 after receiving his PhD in computer science from the University of Georgia. His work mainly focuses on building features for distributed and scalable machine learning and statistical tools in the Vertica database.

Fun Fact: Arash can’t wait to attend the office in person again.
Data Loading, Data Management, Migration, and Ecosystem Integration
Alexander KalininJohn Heffner, Architect

John joined Vertica seven years ago. His areas of focus include data storage, integration with cloud services, and recovery from faults and disasters. Prior to joining Vertica, his work included pushing the limits of performance in supercomputers, developing Internet standards, building distributed services and storage systems, and designing algorithms that help people find shoes that fit well.

Fun Fact: John likes databases and bicycles to go fast.
Data Lakes, Security, Monitoring, and Management Console
Alexander KalininDeepak Majeti, Technical Lead and Manager

Deepak leads a couple of exciting projects at Vertica including extending Vertica to efficiently support complex data types such as Arrays, Structs, Maps; and improving Vertica’s performance over data lakes and open file formats. His team also contributes to Apache open-source projects such as Apache Parquet and Apache ORC.

Fun Fact: Deepak recently developed an interest in human genetics.