Taboola’s Journey to Vertica in Eon Mode on HDFS, followed by Customer Panel

Hear a customer use case from Taboola and then join in our panel discussion featuring Taboola, Criteo, Adform, Esprinet and Livejourney.

Taboola’s Journey to Vertica in Eon Mode on HDFS

Taboola is the leading content discovery platform, serving more than 450 billion recommendations of articles, blogs, videos, products, and apps to more than 1.5 billion unique users every month on thousands of premium sites and mobile carriers. As the analytical engine at the heart of Taboola’s data, Vertica offers extremely high concurrency and performance to support their explosive growth. In this session, you’ll hear Taboola’s journey of implementing Vertica in Eon Mode and its separation of compute from storage architecture to run on HDFS to bring the analytical power of Vertica to its growing data lake.